May 12, 2016

In the garden

I've been busy busy trying to get the garden going now that we are safely past frost. It's starting to green up as my seeds germinate and grow. 

The two rows in the foreground here are radishes. I've never grown radishes before but recently had a watermelon radish I really enjoyed so I ordered some seed to try this year. 

The four types of beets I planted about a month ago are thriving. I thinned them out a couple weeks ago. 

I got these a pack of broccoli seedlings to try. This is another new vegetable for me. 

My sweet potatoes are doing well in their buckets. Need to move them to a larger container soon to give more room for the potatoes to grow. I also planted purple potatoes and Yukons in two large garbage cans. 

I got the first two pepper seedlings I ordered from seed savers last week. One is a small sweet pepper and the other is a jalapeƱo. Should be getting several more plants here soon. 

Butter crunch lettuce is lush. We had a nice salad for dinner yesterday made with this and radish sprouts from when I thinned my rows of radishes. 

Carrots have been slow to germinate but are starting to pop up. 

The boys and I planted this garlic last fall. It's huge!

I have two kinds of kale - curly lead and lacinato. I did see a cabbage moth caterpillar last week but sprayed that plant with Captain Jack's (an organic insecticide) and haven't seen any bugs since. 

My first two rows of corn are up. I planted another two rows yesterday. My plan is to do two rows every two weeks until I fill that side of the garden. 

I also ordered tomato seedlings from seed savers. Look, one has a blossom already!

This time of year it feels like the work is never done in the garden but it's so exciting to see the plants popping up. Next on my agenda is cucumbers and beans. 

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