May 18, 2016

Grandma's rose

My grandma Bettie Jean loved her roses. Her green thumb was definitely more devoted to growing flowers than food.  When she had to move out of her last house, my aunt moved this one old climbing rose to her house and when I went to visit recently it was blooming. The blossoms are thick with layers and layers of soft, pale pink petals. I love to stick my face in close and inhale their beautiful fragrance. 

Roses also remind me of my great-grandmother Rose, after whom I was named (Erin Rose). I never met her but her presence was felt through my mother who remembered her and all her midwife's natural remedies with great affection.  Hot milk and honey soothes a young one upset or unable to sleep. Chamomile tea heals many ills. Cooked onions can induce a late baby to come out and meet the world.  So much knowledge stored up in one person and shared lovingly with those around her. 

This is the richness of life and memory.  I am starting my day with a grateful heart for so many beautiful women surrounding me in love. 

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