January 26, 2017

Baby Easter Eggers

Babies are back!

Check out that little lady's face.  I picked her up because her sister was trying to play tug-o-war with her leg.  Poor girl.  She was chirping up a storm, saying, "Leave me alone!"  

We picked up 64 little Easter Eggers from Mt. Healthy Hatchery yesterday morning.  These are the chickens which will eventually lay the blue-green eggs our customers so love.  This batch brings our flock up near 200 birds.  We've been trying to expand so that we can supply both locations of our local grocery Jungle Jim's.  We currently deliver to the Eastgate location each Friday morning but hopefully by mid-summer we will be in the Fairfield store too.

I love the variety in the Easter Egger chicks.  Because they are a mutt breed, they have so many different color variations.  This chick looks like she's really into eye-liner.

These yellow ones will probably grow up to be pure white.

It's amazing how small they look when you first bring them home.  64 birds in the brooder likes like nothing but in a couple weeks they will have outgrown the space and will need to move outside.

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