January 19, 2017

Mushrooms galore

For Christmas, I got Oliver a kit to grow his own mushrooms.  He was so excited to get it set up and become a real "mushroom farmer."  

We followed the step-by-step instructions to activate the spores in the compost, put it in a dark-ish spot, and keep it watered.  Oliver asked me to please keep an eye on it when he was at his mom's house and make sure it didn't dry out.  

I dutifully checked on it day by day, until all the sudden little white button mushrooms started popping out.  Then they grew and grew and grew - super fast - until I finally had to harvest them before he came back because they were so full I couldn't water it effectively.  

Look how big and beautiful these mushrooms were!

I cut out a gallon-sized ziplock bag full of mushrooms.  The kit is supposed to regenerate 2-3 times so we will be eating a lot of mushrooms here at the farm!

For dinner yesterday, I made us Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Swiss Melts.  Though the boys weren't too excited about eating mushrooms and onions, they got them down since Oliver had grown the mushrooms for us - can't let that go to waste.  Josh and I thought they were mighty tasty too.

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