January 28, 2017

I'm itching to get growing

We have had the strangest winter so far.  Really it has barely felt like winter these past few weeks; spring was in the air.  Then I stepped outside today and ran back in for my heavy coat.  Alas, spring was teasing us but winter is back.

I was drawn by the warmth of the outside air to start growing some things inside a few weeks ago.  I have a friend who runs an aquaponics business and he is moving locations so he graciously offered me some grow lights he no longer needed.  I was so excited to bring them home and play in the dirt!

My seed order had recently arrived from Seed Savers, so I sorted through and found a few things to experiment with - mostly herbs and some greens.  I love pouring out some seeds in my hands and examining their shapes and colors.  These were some rosemary seeds which looked like they had a golden dot on them.

I got some seed starting flats and potting mix and got to work filling and watering and planting my seeds.  The first things I planted were mesclun and spinach.  They are coming up nicely and filling in my flat.  We'll be eating freshly grown salad in no time at all!

Some of my herbs are also beginning to germinate.  I've never grown any of these from seed so I'm excited to learn as I go.  I'm taking lots of notes as I read about individual plants' needs.  

Even if it's cold again outside, standing in my office with my hands in the dirt, watching things grow, I can feel the pull of spring.  It'll be here before we know it! 

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