January 9, 2017

Free Chicken Food

Many of you know I am a preschool teacher at Summit Country Day School here in Cincinnati.  Part of my duties include helping in the Lower School lunchroom.  I noticed that a lot of food was being thrown away because, as we all know, young children can be picky eaters!  I was bothered by so much waste until one day I got an idea.  It could be a win-win if I collected the food scraps for our birds: free chicken food and less waste!

So I consulted with the teachers, the director of the school and the lunchroom staff and all agreed to give it a try.  The first day I brought home about 3/4 of a five gallon bucket and the chickens ate everything except for the oranges.  It was rather funny, really.  They left us bowls of orange slices while managing to pick out every other bit of food.

I told everyone at school - great work!  Just try to avoid the oranges.

The second day it was the end of the week and time to clean out much of the salad bar so I came home with nearly two full buckets of food including tomato soup and some spaghetti, both of which the birdies loved.  

They pick out the strands of spaghetti and carry them around like worms.  It's fun to watch.

This girl found a nice piece of bread soaked in milk and tomato soup.  I'm excited for the milk and cheese because it'll be a good source of calcium and protein.

So our first week of collecting food scraps from the Lower School cafeteria went well.  Maybe I'll look into expanding into the Middle and Upper Schools.  This could be good for everyone!

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