January 3, 2017

Strawberry Wine: Part II

Way back in August, I started a batch of Strawberry Wine.  It has been sitting on my counter for months and months.  I siphoned it into a new carboy to get some sediment out twice.  That wine had a lot of seeds and sediment in the bottom!  It just seemed to keep bubbling away until finally, after nearly five months, it stopped.  

So I got out my supplies and set to bottling it.  

I siphoned it, through the filtered tube, into a large bucket.

Then from the bucket, I filled my bottles.  I got a good mouthful getting the siphon started and I was happy with the taste.  It definitely tastes like strawberry and will be a nice after dinner wine.  I can't wait to see how it tastes after being bottled for a few months.

I got about four and a half bottles from my carboy.

And if this made you think of the Deana Carter song "Strawberry Wine" (like it did for me), take a minute and watch the video.  Ahh, young love...

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