January 10, 2017

Probably no iceskating this year

This weekend we thought perhaps the ice on the pond might be solid enough to go out on.  The boys have such fun "iceskating" (mostly just sliding and having the dogs pull them) when it is solid.  It has been so cold the last week or so that the ice solidified quickly, going from open water to clear ice in less than a day.  

My brave husband went out onto the ice with his drill while we all watched from solid ground.  He drilled down into it, but - alas - the ice was only about two inches thick.  He likes it to be at least 4" to call it safe for me and the boys.  

As he stood up after drilling the hole, you could hear this loud moaning sound as the whole pond cracked.  Can you see the crack coming out the sides of the hole?

Josh leapt off the water, laughing.  He told the boys, "This is a good lesson!  If you are ever out on ice and you hear that sound, get off quick.  That moaning sound is the sound of big ice breaking or shifting and you don't want to be anywhere near that."

So instead of iceskating, we tried to sled on the bit of snow that was left.  Mostly we just played with Roscoe and enjoyed some fresh air before coming inside for hot cocoa and a nap.  It was a nice afternoon with the family.

Now this week it'll be nearly 60 degrees and rainy.  What a strange winter!

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