May 20, 2015

A solution for moving chickens

The girls hanging out in the run during the day.

My new system for getting them into their coop in the evening.

In they go...

Until the permanent coop/run is complete, we've got to move all these chickens from the coop to the run then back again every day.  When Josh brought the red coop out by the run he put it about 15 feet away from the door so you had to carry the birds over.  He can grab a few at a time but I can't seem to hold onto more than one without it flapping loose.  So I had to make 26 trips to get all the chickens and coops tucked in at night!  It was taking me more than a half hour just to move them.  Exhausted by this, I came up with another idea, which has been working splendidly.  I asked my kind husband to move the coop once more so it is right next to the door to the run.  Now I open the door and block off a small path for the birds so they can walk into the henhouse on their own.  All I have to do is shoo a few stragglers over to the door.  It is so much easier!  I wish I had thought of this sooner.

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