May 31, 2015

Walls are taking shape

Josh nailing in the last wall frame.

Oliver works on removing some nails.

A lesson on how to get some umph in your hammer.

Little B tried out his hammer on every surface.

B helps snap a "chop wine" (a.k.a. a chalk line)

"Is it time for a tractor ride yet??"

Today, with the help of our younger two boys, Josh framed out all the walls for the henhouse.  You can see the little guys working on their hammering skills in between bike and tractor rides.  An afternoon of hard work was followed up by some father-son fishing and nice family camp fire: another great day at the farm.  Tomorrow our plan is to finish putting siding on the walls and get them painted.  The building is really starting to take shape!


  1. Can't believe y'all can have bon fires... It was only 38° here last night! Unreal! B looks like he's getting good with that hammer! Lol.

  2. Yeah it is starting to feel like summer here. The boys were swimming and riding bikes this afternoon!