May 27, 2015

Roof collapse!

All that rain we got yesterday weighed heavy on the roof of the run. When we went out to put the girls to bed we discovered that the roof had caved in in several spots. I went hunting in the workshop for something to use to prop up the ceiling. I found some sawhorses and scraps of wood and made temporary supports. This morning when I let the girls out they enjoyed exploring these new high perches - seems like they are always on the lookout for something high to sit on. I also put down a fresh layer of straw in the run because it was pretty wet. Everyone went nuts scratching and hunting in the straw for little morsels this morning. One chicken found a long plump earthworm and went crazy running around with it while the others chased her and tried to grab the worm away.  Finally I pulled down a few branches from the Boxelder tree next to the run and laid them in a pile for the birds. They seem to enjoy stuff like that to peck at and explore; plus they eat the leaves eventually making it a good source of greens.

Motivation to get moving on the permanent coop...

Snacking on some Boxelder leaves

This Rhode Island Red came to stare me down when I was taking pictures

She just loves the camera!

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