May 11, 2015

To catch a snapping turtle...

Last winter when the pond froze we saw an enormous snapping turtle under the ice, with a shell about 12" across. Josh was going to cut it out of the ice and relocate it while it was lethargic from being semi-hibernated but the water melted too quickly and we couldn't get it out. Now as we are preparing to send the duckies out to swim in the pond we are again faced with how to remove this monster turtle so that it won't kill our pets. A friend and neighbor lent us his expertise and a hook for setting a line to catch it. He said to bait the hook with beef because if you use chicken the fish will eat it up. There are floaters on either end of the twine so if the jugs have moved tomorrow when we go out there we know we've got something. Fingers crossed we can catch him and make the pond safe by the time the ducks are ready for their first full fledged swim!

Baiting the hook with some steak.

Throwing in the line.

Now we watch the floater to see if it moves.

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