May 14, 2015

Everybody out!

We had a big busy evening at the farm last night. We decided it was time for all the birds to go outside. So we tried a few chicks in the run with the ducks to see how they did together. When there were only five or so chicks, the ducks went to the other side of the rub and turned their backs, as if to say: if we don't see you you're not here. As we put more and more chicks out there though, the ducks  could no longer pretend they didn't exist. No fights occurred so we figured it was a success.  Next we had to move the little red chicken coop over by the run so that we could put the chicks in there for the night. That was a big ordeal, because the coop rolled off the trailer while we were trying to move it so we had to get it back upright!  Somehow we got it done. I'm sure we were funny to watch trying to roll that building around.  We outfitted the coop with some bedding and heat lamps and one by one move the babies into it for the night.  After we got them all in, we stacked some heavy containers of food in front of the door, to help keep predators out and said a little prayer that everybody would be there in the morning.

Next we moved the pen that we had inside out to the garage and set it up for the ducks. Until the big run is finished they will go in there at night. As the sun set, we picked up the duckies and carried them into the garage. Everyone safe in their homes for the night.

Lastly I finally got to clean my art room in the house again, where the birds had been living. How satisfying it was to get rid of that thick layer of dust that had settled over everything!  I vacuumed, wiped, mopped, and put everything back in its place.  It's nice to have the house back again. Even the dogs seem calmer now. On to the next stage...

The coop and run

We put the heat lamps out in the coop to give the birds added comfort if it gets cool.

The kitty litter containers help to predator proof this little coop.

The ducks are sleeping in the garage for now.

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