May 3, 2015

Growth in the Garden

My lovely new bunny proof fence






Well, as you read, I planted kale several weeks ago only to come out a couple mornings later and find it all eaten down to the roots by my cute little neighborhood bunnies.  I told my husband - we need a fence!  He was kind enough to oblige me quickly.  We decided to go with a fairly permanent tall fence with a gate to keep critters out big and small and allow my easy access through a gate.  So far, it's been effective.  I replanted the kale as well as some other seedlings - 20 tomatoes and 14 peppers.  The carrots are looking healthy, and in just the last few days I've noticed beets coming up as well.  It's exciting to see the green starting to come out in the garden!  I'm trying a trick suggested by my in-laws to keep the weeds down: line the walkways in between rows with grass clippings.  We have an abundance of grass from mowing acres of it so I've been raking up carts full that you can see dividing up my planting beds.  Next will be corn, cucumbers and beans soon...

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