May 18, 2015

A use for everything

I am making some applesauce for my canning this afternoon. As a part of my process, I peel and core the apples. This leaves me with a fair amount of wasted apple. But then I thought, I bet the birds would love this as a sweet treat!  So I ground it up in the food processor and put a bowl in for the ducks and one in with the chicks. The ducks dove right in and tried it. The chicks were more hesitant. At first it was like an arena full of chickens watching a show in the bowl - all of them circled around in rows, staring with great interest at it. Then all the sudden one bird went in and grabbed a bite. Several others chased her trying to steal her bit of apple. The gates were opened and everyone dove in!  I'd say apple was a successful treat. And it worked out great to reduce the waste from the kitchen. The other scraps I had left in my sink in the end were some seeds. Can't beat that!

Chowing down on some apples!

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