August 10, 2015

A most spectacular rainbow

This afternoon it started to drizzle; then it started to pour; then lightening came.  I looked out the window to see that the birds were all waiting by the door, which the wind had blown shut.  I ran out, getting soaked, to open it for them, but they had scattered by then to spots all over the yard - under the water tank, under the trailers, under the new coop... they had found shelter all on their own.  Smart chickens.

So I went back in and continued my evening, feeling a little down and tired.  An hour or so later, I looked out the window again to check on the girls and my breath caught in my chest.  A most spectacular view - I ran outside to see it without a window in the way - a full rainbow, bright and colorful filled the sky over the backyard.  Then a second, fainter arch appeared above it, a double full rainbow.  The last time I saw this same sight was the day my mother passed away.  I stood there for as long as it lasted, savoring it, watching it transform.  It was so beautiful.

It is interesting if you really watch a rainbow to see how it changes.  This one started as a single, full arch.  Then the upper rainbow appeared, fainter but also a full arch.  The upper arch quickly faded but the original one lasted a long time, almost ten minutes.  When it started to go, it split at the middle, fading out towards its ends.  The left side disappeared faster but the right side lasted almost another ten minutes.  It came and went for a bit, looking like it was undulating up from the ground into the sky.  Finally, it was all gone, the last piece evaporating into the clouds.

These are the moments that make you live in the present, forget all else that's on your mind and just be there, appreciating the beauty of this world.

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