August 15, 2015

The benefits of chicken sitting

We have been watching our neighbors' chickens for them while they went away for a couple of days.  It's pretty easy business: make sure they have food and water mostly. Their rooster is getting pretty aggressive though. When I opened the door to get the water bowl, he came flying towards me so I closed the door and got a little rake which I displayed to him when I went back in. He seemed to get the point and left me alone after that. 

The great part about chicken sitting is the eggs.  Since ours aren't laying yet it was nice to go over and get almost a half dozen pretty free, fresh eggs.  I had an omelet for breakfast this morning and boy was it good!  

The tiniest little brown egg was still warm from the bird when I picked it up. You can see the variety in egg size from their flock right now, which is mostly because of age. The chickens they got at Easter are just starting to lay, and their eggs are tiny. The bigger ones are from the older birds. The color variation is because they have several breeds. Together they make for another beautiful Montessori lesson in darkest to lightest.   

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