August 12, 2015

Moving day!

Last night we finished the items that were left on the small coop, fenced off a part of the run and moved those babies over.  The rooster immediately started pacing back and forth around them, trying to peck at them through the fence. You could see his little wheels turning: who are these little creatures?  Should I eat them or protect them?  How do I get in there?

No one was able to breech the fence, much to our relief, and when I came back out later everyone was ok. The one issue was all the babies had exited the coop into the run but seemed afraid to come back in. They were huddled under the ramp for the night. Since the fencing is temporary we didn't put in a gate. That meant I had to try to reach out and grab them from inside the coop. Boy, was that fun!  

I got about ten of them and put them in but couldn't reach anymore. I thought maybe the others would follow the light and the happy sound of their sisters eating and chirping but not so much. So I tried the old food trick to lure them in. I sprinkled some on the bottom step and waited until they came to eat. Then I slowly added more up the ramp until they came up to the doorway. Once they saw their siblings inside the ran in to join. Finally I got them all in safely for the night. I'm hoping this is something they will learn quickly!  

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