August 24, 2015

An egg comparison

We got another egg this morning from the same chicken: same size and coloring, laid in the same spot as soon as she came out of the henhouse in the morning.  Above you can see the two matching light green eggs, pretty as can be. 

I decided that we would all have scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning to celebrate our first hen laying yesterday.  My middle step son Oliver put on his apron to help me crack the eggs.  Of course two eggs wouldn't feed five of us, so I got out some eggs from the grocery store as well. My neighbor Rita had told me she read that Ameraucana eggs had a richer looking yolk than typical eggs.  So first we cracked one of ours next to one from the store to check this out. Look at the comparison:

The one on the left is our Ameraucana egg. The one on the right is an "organic, free range" brown egg from the grocery store. Amazing!  The yolk on ours was bigger and much deeper orange. It will be interesting to see how the Rhode Island Red eggs compare when they start to lay.

Note: since I put this post up originally we realized that this egg I thought was an ameraucana was actually a duck egg!  

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