August 31, 2015

Starting over, duck style

I went out this morning to check on the ducks and see how their first night in the new pen went. As I walked up I saw the eggs we had moved scattered on the ground outside the house.  Oh no, I thought, they abandoned their eggs!  I went into the pen to look inside the house and saw that there was a new egg and a new little nest at the back of the duck house.  

I guess that's how these birds start over in a new home. I was hoping they'd recognize their own eggs and claim them but I guess not. Oh well, I removed the two eggs they had shoved out of the nest and left the new one untouched.  As I left the pen the ducks followed me out and went over for a swim. It was a beautiful morning with a rich blue sky.  Maybe soon this picture will include a trail of little ducks dotting our pond...

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