February 2, 2016

Coming home

Josh and I went up to our Michigan vacation cottage this weekend to do some work and to attend the northern Michigan small farmers conference. It was very interesting. We took workshops on beekeeping, flower farming, and farm automation as well as walking through the large tradeshow and picking up a bunch of information to bring home and read.

While we were gone a combination of kind neighbors looked after our girls.  We asked them to collect the eggs and leave them on cookie sheets in our fridge. So last night when we got home, we had a fridge full of eggs to clean and package.  Opening the fridge and seeing trays and trays of lovely eggs almost felt like Christmas!

We got them all clean, sorted, and counted.  Whew, that was quite a task!

There was one really strange egg in the bunch. The whole outside was wavy and rough. 

I think that will be one to blow out and save for my collection of weird or unique eggs!

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