February 27, 2016

Happy news for our two remaining ducks

I'm sure many of you read the terrible story this week about losing one of our male ducks.  It was so very sad, and I was really anxious about how we were going to keep the two that were left safe if we couldn't get them to go into their duck house.  Well, good news!  

Knock on wood... they seem to have gotten the idea that they have to be locked up at night.  Every evening since the fateful night, I've gone out to put the ducks away and they have strolled right into their house.  One night they were out on the pond, but I threw a stick out into the water and they swam over to the edge, came out and went into their house.  Tonight they were on the other side of the yard, but when they saw me approaching, they strolled across the grass, crossed the little waterway that comes down the hill, and walked into the duck house.  Oh happy day!  It makes me happy beyond words knowing they are safe out there.  

Today was such a lovely day: sun shining, gentle breeze, and slightly warmer temperatures.  The two ducks spent the afternoon laying in the sun and doing synchronized swimming in the pond.  

We also noticed that they were doing their little mating dances again, where they approach each other, bob their heads up and down repeatedly, and make a lot of noise.  Bossy pants sounds like she is yelling at her guy.  My husband would say - typical woman.  Today I saw them mating out on the water for the first time since the fall.  It looks like the male is trying to drown the female then when it's over, they both swim a victory lap around the pond.  

Since we have seen them mating again, we started looking for eggs as well.  Today I peaked into the back of the duck house and saw...

Well, actually I saw...

But two of those eggs were chicken eggs.  :)

Since we have been working on chicken coop expansion, we detached the baby coop from the run, eliminating four nesting boxes.  

Eventually we are going to add more to the main henhouse, but in the meantime, it's a little tight when everyone is looking to lay an egg in the morning.  I wasn't surprised that a couple chickens added to the duck nest.  I have to remember to check there now to make sure we get all the chicken eggs.

So anyway, things are looking up for the ducks.  They are getting into a good routine with being locked up safely at dusk and they are mating and collecting eggs again.   

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