February 19, 2016

Step 1: dig holes

Construction began on the new lean-tos on Wednesday. Josh rented an auger and dug out 8 large holes for the footers that will support the posts along either side. He said it was pretty tough because the ground was all wet, partly frozen, and full of clay.

It cracked me up the next morning when I let the chickens out, they were so intrigued by the holes. 

I was having a grand time imagining their conversations as they stared down into the holes...

The imaginative chickens~
What do you think it is?
I don't know.  Maybe a comet landed here!  
Look, there's another one over there.
We had a comet shower while we were sleeping!  
Man, we must be really deep sleepers.

The building inspector chicken~
Oh, yeah!  Nice job.  Good width, good depth.  This will definitely pass inspection.  I give my stamp of approval.

In case you were wondering, no one fell in the holes.  We did have a long discussion about whether or not it was dangerous to let the girls out with all these holes in the ground.  They were very curious but also cautious.

Next step will be setting the posts and back-filling the holes with gravel.  We got our first delivery of lumber yesterday and the next should have arrived today.

Only four more full days until babies arrive!

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