February 18, 2016

Winter textures

This morning when I went out to check on the girls, it was much warmer and the air was full of birds singing.  It beckoned me out to spend some time walking before I headed to work. So I opened the doors for the chickens and ducks then continued on down behind the pond.  

With all the foliage gone, at first glance it seems pretty barren on the farm now. The more I walked though, I was struck by the beauty of all the textures I saw. 

The pond is still fairly frozen. The bubbles make the surface quite interesting. 

The spots where plants were close to the surface, they left outlines in the ice in various shapes. 

A lot of the plants and grasses on the hillside that makes up the dam have been washed down or trampled but some still stand tall, releasing seeds into the wind. 

Huge pine trees surround the pond dropping blankets of dry needles on the ground. Here, a patch of weeds managed to grow up through them despite the winter weather. 

The same pine tree was dripping sap all over the place.  The colors were almost magical- fluorescent green, fuschia, pale blue, and silver. 

Most of the snow has melted but small patches remain here and there in shady spots.  I thought this one looked like a snowy white pekin duck!

The last thing I came across was this perfect little nest, tucked into a bare tree. The birds flew off as I approached.  I stepped in closer to have a look, and found the clever little birdies had used pieces of wrappers they'd scavaged to flush out their home. 

What a pretty morning!  I'm so glad I had time to enjoy it a little. 

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