February 5, 2016

How to get your chickens to come to you

I have perfected a means of "calling" my chickens. It starts by saving food scraps in the kitchen. I always keep a container in the fridge and when it gets full, I grind it. You know you're a chicken keeper when you have a food processor dedicated to kitchen scraps!

I grind everything up because we include shells from eggs we have eaten for added calcium but we don't want the girls to recognize that they're eating egg shell or it might encourage them to eat whole eggs in the coop.  Grinding it all up ensures they eat it all too.

Next you take your scraps outside in a clear container so they can see what you have. If you do this enough, they see you come outside and chickens come a'running!

First it was just a couple...

Then more arrived...

And by the time I put it down, it was a party!

I got some nice "fluffy butt" pictures while the girls were busy eating. 

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