February 12, 2016

Happy to see some grass again

It has been pretty cold and snowy lately.  When the ground is blanketed in white some of the birds are curious enough to venture out in it, but many don't leave the run.  This girl stood on the threshold of the door for quite a while peering out in the yard but eventually turned around and went back inside.

Yesterday afternoon, though, the sun was out and like magic some green began to appear in the yard again even though it was still quite cold.  When I opened the door to let the girls out, there was a lot more excitement to get out again.

Woohoo!  Our salad bar is back!

I opened the door to the garden as well so the chickens could start working on the soil in there so it'll be ready for my early planting of carrots and beets before long.  I blocked off the corner, where my garlic is, so they wouldn't disturb it or the mulch blanket over it.  They stood at the fence staring in longingly at it, but then went back to picking at the last remnants of kale and the bits of rye peaking out of the melting snow.  

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