February 15, 2016


In case you're counting, we are at t-8 days for the babies!  

This evening I cleaned up in the workshop, swept the floors and organized to make room for the brooder. Last time we used it, we took it apart for storage and tucked it away. It was pretty easy to reassemble and then I stapled a fresh sheet of plastic on the bottom to contain the bedding. 

Next I dug out the box of feeders and lights. I plugged the lights in and made sure they still work. It would be bad to get our little ones home and not have any heat lamps to put them under this time of year!  Everything seemed to be functioning so I hung the lights.

I just need to get some more wood chips and the brooder will be ready to accept our brood. 

I also brought all the feeders inside with me and ran them through the dishwasher to sterilize them. 

Everything clean and ready to go!  

Josh ordered supplies for the lean-to and says he's going to start digging holes for footings on Wednesday. Let's hope this weather improves by then. Right now it's snowy but on the verge of a big mud puddle.  

The ducks came up to visit with the chickens today and there are footprints everywhere!

The forecast is calling for temps around 60 this weekend which will melt the 3" we got yesterday and leave us with a fun mess for our construction project.  Oh well, a little mud won't kill us.  I've got my trusty boots ready to go!

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