February 3, 2016

Saving a special egg

As I mentioned the other day, I decided that I wanted to keep that special bumpy egg we got while we were away so tonight I set to blowing it out. 

First step is to shake the egg a little to break up the yolk and mix it in with the whites. Then you get a large pin and poke two holes. 

The first is larger, on the bottom. Stick the pin in and wiggle it a little to enlarge the hole. 

The second hole, on top, is smaller. 

Next, place your straw over the small hole and blow! 

You need to get the straw on the egg as tightly as possible and it will be hard to do but keep trying!  Be sure you have a container underneath to catch the inside stuff as it comes out. 

As you keep working, you may need to stick the pin way in the egg and try to mix the yolk up more. The yolk is always the last part to come out when I do this. 

Eventually you'll feel the egg emptying out. Blow until it's just air coming out. You did it!

Now you just need to rinse off the egg. Run it under warm water, making sure you get water inside the egg. 

I like to use a little dish soap on mine too since eggs can have salmonella and other such things. 

Give it one more good blow with the straw to get the last of the water out and dry her off. 

Now your egg will last indefinitely and you can display it for all to see. 

I have a tray full of natural objects I've collected around our property and I've added some of my favorite eggs to it by blowing them out like this. Seeing them makes me appreciate the beauty to be found all around us every day. 

One of my favorite quotes for this is displayed in a painting I did for our kitchen: "Beauty, like happiness, is frequent. Not a day passes when we are not for an instant in paradise."

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