February 28, 2016

Coop construction update

The lean-to construction is moving along, despite difficulties with the strange weather.  It's hot; it's cold.  It's sunny; it's rainy; it's snowing.  What a strange winter this has been!  

I already posted pictures of the start of construction, but in case you missed them...

It all began with a series of holes.  Josh rented an auger and dug eight big holes to set the posts in - four on each side.  

Then our local inspector checked things out :)

Next we had to move the small coop out of the way.  This entailed un-bolting it, cutting it free from the hardware cloth on the run, and physically pushing it onto a trailer so that we could haul it away.  Man, that coop is heavy!  Combine that with wet, slippery mud and it could be a comedy act.  Josh and I reflected on how many times we have moved that coop together - too many - and how we work so well as a team.  Nothing like moving heavy buildings in the mud to solidify a marriage!

Once the baby coop was out of the way, we could set the posts.  This was another good team project because it required quite a bit of measuring, leveling, plumbing, and adjusting before we filled the holes with gravel.

It took us two days, but we got all eight posts in, level and plumb (for those novices like me - this means straight up-and-down; I kept saying the post was straight and Josh kept correcting me that it was plumb).  Next thing we needed to do was haul the headers up into place.  These are the long, heavy boards that connect the posts along one side.  

We lifted and nailed them.  Later, Josh came through with his drill and put lag bolts in to secure them.

Don't I have a handsome handyman?

Meanwhile, the chickens milled about and continued as if not much was going on...

Next is removing the gutters and beginning to put up the rafters.  Soon we will have a roof!

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