June 10, 2015

A new day in a new home

Good morning ladies!
Everyone was very hungry when they woke up.

Ducks slept under the coop.

A first taste of freedom.

"This is as close as we are getting!"
This morning I went down to open the door for the chickens and found the rooster perched on top of the wall dividing the coop from the run.  I thought I might have heard a faint little call but I'm not sure.  He was definitely keeping an eye on all his ladies though.  I opened the door and the birds immediately started to come out, walking down their ramp without issue.  The ducks stayed hidden under the coop for a while.  I wasn't able to coax them out on the run until mid-morning.  I walked them down to the pond but they showed no interest in going in.  I picked one up and tossed it in so they could see it was water but that one walked out as fast as it could and they all three ran back up the hill to the coop.  I've been checking on them throughout the day and they mostly just lay outside the coop, waiting to be let back in.  It's just the first day.  Hopefully they'll get braver as time goes on...

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