June 14, 2015

We finally got the ducks in the pond!

We have been forcing the ducks to walk down to the pond every day, hoping that eventually they will venture down on their own.  They don't seem inclined to wander about, but rather enjoy staying in their familiar territory around the coop.  So anyway, the past few days Josh and I have been throwing them in the water all at the same time because the other piece to the puzzle is they freak out if they are separated.  Usually they immediately scamper out of the water and run back up towards the coop but today they lingered!  It was so exciting.  They stayed near the edge and dunked their heads under, eating some algae and covering themselves in water.  The algae in the pond is really high right now so we could use their help to eat and clear some of it.

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  1. Did y'all ever get that turtle??? Jayden was telling me about it! 👍