June 27, 2015

Coop Innovations

A suet feeder stuffed with greens is a fun treat for the girls,
who quickly peck everything out!

Josh made this automatic feeder out of PVC, which we can fill from the outside.
Now we only have to feed them every few days.
He also made this automatic water system out of PVC.
The girls peck at little metal "nipples" to get the water to come out.

Our rooster is really starting to look the part!
"What are you doing in here??"
The hard rains we had yesterday flattened a couple of my corn plants
so I threw them in for the birds to enjoy.  They went to town eating the leaves.
The ducks happily come out of the run in the morning now.  You just have to open the door and walk away and they stroll right out and start flapping their wings and running all about.  This morning I walked them down to the pond.  They only stayed a few minutes then walked back up to the run.

We have been working to make the chicken coop more self-sufficient this past week.  We've got the feeding part down, now it's just the door to the henhouse that needs to be automated.  I'll share that with you when we get it going...

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