June 23, 2015

Wild Beauty

I went out this morning to do some weeding around the edges of the yard as there are several types of vines overgrowing a lot of our trees.  I pulled wild grape vines off of my giant lilac bush and my mulberry tree.  As I was dragging the vines down over the hill I saw a flash of red on the ground - wild raspberries!  There was one small bush there by the tree line.  My neighbor, who used to live in my house, has told me many times that there used to be berries all over the place here.  So I started at the front of the yard and walked the tree line all the way back to the pond, looking for more bushes buried in the weeds and grass, and I found bunches of them.  Most were covered in vines or half hidden by overgrown trees, but they were all over the place.  I got my clippers and gloves and went to work clearing the brush to expose the berry bushes.  Then I picked them and sat in the grass, eating and staining my hands purple.  What a great way to start the day!

While I was walking the tree line, I took note of a number of wild flowers starting to bloom.  They add a relaxed beauty to the landscape - imperfect and a little overgrown but still beautiful.  I hope you'll enjoy...


Queen Anne's Lace

Fringed Loosestrife

some kind of thistle?

Ox-Eye Daisy

Common St. Johnswort

not sure what this one is


White Campion

Flat-Topped Aster

Wild grapes

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