June 27, 2015

So much green in the garden!

My sunflowers now stand about 1.5 feet taller than me!
Corn is looking strong.  I'm starting to see some tassels.
Cherokee Purple tomato is the biggest so far, though all the plants are loaded with green tomatoes.
I've had to stake my pepper plants because they are all falling over with the weight of their fruits and the wetness of the soil.
I planted some sweet potatoes where I pulled up carrots.  The bunnies may do these little plants in though.  They've been eating the leaves like crazy.
Cucumbers are lush and full!
My first baby cucumber
Beans, too, are full and healthy.  No beans to pick yet though.

All this rain has been good and bad for the garden.  The plants are growing fast and starting to bear fruit, but many of them are also starting to fall over!  The soil is so water-logged that they just can't stay upright.  I've been staking things right and left.  Some of the corn was not salvageable after yesterday's downpour though and had to be removed.  It didn't go to waste though - the birds had a nice snack.

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