June 6, 2015

The long way to bed

Very much how children do, the ducks postponed their inevitable trip to bed tonight by meandering about the yard on their way over to their sleeping pen...

They walked around the pen a few times, across the lawn, down the driveway, into the garage, out of the garage... you get the point.  I got some fun pictures of the three of them walking along together; they are almost always so close they can touch each other, even when walking.

... in the driveway...

... outside the garage ...

... oh no, an obstacle - where to now?

... and finally they made it into the garage and eventually into their pen!

I will say they were very helpful shooing the chickens out of the run for me though (video below)!  They were happy to see the chickens go in for bed, even if they didn't seem ready themselves.

1 comment:

  1. My duck is coming up on my porch now and eating right from my hand! My plan was to see if he would come in my house but Matt said absolutely not!! Boo! He's no fun at all!