June 16, 2015

Carrots and compost

Carrot shoulders popping up means it's time to pull them!

I tried to get one of each kind to see if they look ready.
I think I'll give them another week or so to grow.

A compost bin volunteer: squash, maybe a pumpkin?

Another compost volunteer: tomato

Inside the bin - looks earthy!

Josh made me a compost sifter to get the chunky stuff out.

A gave each tomato a skirt of compost for a nice dose of nutrients.

I also gave the beans, which have climbed nicely up the trellis, some compost.

The last of this batch of compost went to the cucumbers.

The garden is looking to lush and full!
The quilt square I painted is keeping watch over it.

I went out this morning to get some kale and caterpillars for the birds and noticed some carrot shoulders popping up out of the soil so I pulled a few to see how they look.  I think I'll give them another week or so to grow then start yanking them.  I planted another 300 carrots yesterday for a fall patch.

After I took care of the birds, I opened up the compost bin to see how it was doing.  It looked earthy so I put on my gloves and started sifting.  I got about a half-cartful of nice rich compost out, which I took right in and put around my tomatoes, beans and cucumbers.  It's amazing what food can turn into if you give it time!

The garden is looking so lush and beautiful.  I think my grandmothers would be proud.

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