June 12, 2015

Ducks in the garden

I brought the ducks in the garden with me this morning to see if they would eat any of the bugs. At first they were terrified of the new location, trying desperately to figure out how to get out. Then they discovered the water dish full of cabbage moth caterpillars I had set for them in a nice shady spot and they were happy as can be. They laid under the sunflowers and corn for hours, ocassionally getting up to drink. Eventually they started to wander a little, munching on tomato plant leaves so I kicked them out. They didn't go far, laying under the lean-to for the rest of the afternoon. I put some mint leaves in their water and they splashed it all about until they had picked all of the leaves out. I also gave them a special treat: a big slice of watermelon, which they are down to the rind!

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