June 9, 2015

Moving day!

The finished coop from the side.

Looking through the run towards the henhouse.

Josh finishing up the inside of the nesting boxes.
We put hardware cloth inside the nesting boxes to make them easier to clean out.

Duck house.

The chickens' ramp to get up into the coop.

Well it was one long final day but we did it - we finished the coop!  We had to staple up the rest of the hardware cloth (fencing), including up in the eaves to keep climbers out and a skirt around the base to keep diggers out.  Then we trimmed out the henhouse, made a door for the chickens to enter and exit through, built the ramp to make the door accessible, made some roosts inside for the chickens to sleep on, and installed our signs: "Ducks" for the duck house and "Chicken Hilton" for the coop.  Finally we spread shavings in the coop and carried the birds over to their new home.  Initially they were roosting on every flat surface imaginable but we eventually got them all into the henhouse and shut the door for the night.  We tried to get the ducks to go in their duck house to sleep but they seemed to prefer to nestle up together under the coop.  Oh well, maybe when it gets cooler they'll prefer to have walls around them at night.

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